We have used the LDCP architecture to implement a framework that automatically analyzes these numerical estimations in order to describe, in natural language, the evolution of the forest cover degradation at the municipalities of the Amazon region.

We present a very simple prototype that allows a person with visual disabilities to take their own profile photos while being guided by Natural Language voice commands. inProfilePhoto

Linguistic Descriptions of Complex Phenomena
R package for text generation from data
rLDCP: R package for text generation form data

Balanced Gait Test
The project consists in the design and development of a tool that will be used by therapists to know the degree with which patients have a balanced gait.
Balanced Gait

We have participated as research advisors in this Horizon 2020 European project. NATCONSUMERS  is aiming at raising consumer awareness on energy as a daily life concerns, and provoking direct actions by making consumption visible and summarising it into tailored tips for energy consumption.