Our general research field is Artificial Intelligence.

Our field is Data Analysis.

One of our main goals is the development of Lingustic Description of Complex Phenomena.

Computational systems based on Linguistic Description of Complex Phenomena collect and interpret data coming from complex phenomena, yielding messages in natural language which are easy to understand even by non-expert users. With that aim, the generated messages are customized and they only include information that is relevant for the expected audience. The development of a new application based on this novel technology becomes a multi-disciplinary research project which comprises the following stages:

  1. Analize carefully the use of natural language in the context of the application to develop. The goal is finding out the set of expressions most commonly used in order to describe the most relevant aspects of the phenomenon under consideration.
  2. Build a Granular Linguistic Model of the phenomenon under study (GLMP). This is a computational structure which organizes all related perceptions in a similar way how human beings usually organize their experience by means of natural language.
  3. Build a Report Template customized according to the requirements expressed by the end-users.
  4. Design and build a computational system able to collect raw data, process and interpret them according to the previously defined GLMP, yielding the Report that is communicated to the end-users.